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The following sections provide the Community Guidelines, and form part of the Terms of Service.

Community Guidelines
Community Guidelines

XpertReach Community Guidelines


Last updated: 14 June 2020


XpertReach provides the opportunity for Clients to share feedback and reviews on the project experience. We value these Feedback and contributions from Clients as truthful and genuine feedback and reviews help our community deliver better services, improve their offers, and provide transparent information for other Clients to evaluate service providers. It is therefore critical that general communications and information posted on the Platform is genuine, objective, factual, accurate, truthful and furthermore that any reviews, feedback and comments posted on User Profiles and Blogs are based on experience.


In order to ensure our Platform remains fair and provides valuable information, users must review our community guidelines below before leaving a review, feedback, comment, or information request:


Business Relationship: Feedback and Reviews can be provided only if there has been a Client - Consultant relationship for services via the Platform. Reviews and Feedback based on any external experience or otherwise must not be posted. Any reviews found to be in violation of this guideline will be removed.


Inappropriate Content: Any comments, feedback or reviews containing hate speech, abusive lewd or demeaning language, threats, and harassment will not be tolerated. Any reviews found to be in violation of this guideline will be removed. Any Users posting such inappropriate content may, at our sole and absolute discretion, have their account suspended and their access to our Services removed, without notice and irrespective of any ongoing project work or payments. However, such suspension shall not in any way remove, constrict or impair your liabilities for services provided on the Platform.


Relevance: Comments, feedback or reviews must be relevant to the XpertReach platform and the services offered. Users posting any comments, feedback or views must ensure that your remarks are relevant and appropriate. Comments, feedback or reviews which are extraneous to the services provided, are personal, political or religious affiliations, and which do not address the services provided on and through the XpertReach platform, will be removed.


Privacy: Divulging personal information or other sensitive details about a Client or a Consultant or their employees will not be tolerated, and any identifying information will be removed.

User Communications: Professionals and clients may not request or share contact information before a contract is started. Users must conduct all pre-contract discussions, interviews or negotiations through the XpertReach platform. If a call or video discussion is required, the User must contact the XpertReach services team and arrange it via the Platform. All Payment requests are to be processed via the XpertReach platform. Users must not initiate, request, pay or otherwise deal with project payments in any way other than through XpertReach. Users must follow the process as detailed under "Fees and Payment Process" for all payment requests, invoices and payments.


Bias & Conflict Of Interest: Comments or reviews should be objective, factual, truthful, and without bias. Submitting reviews on your own business, or a business owned by a friend or family member, or your competitors’ businesses is not acceptable and will be removed. Posting such reviews may be treated as a violation of these Community Guidelines and the Terms of Service.


Exploitation & Remediation: Users are entitles and encouraged to provide honest and frank feedback and comments about their experience regarding project work sourced or contracted on the Platform. Using the XpertReach feedback functionality to demand payment, refund, or remediation is not an appropriate use of the Platform and any such content will be removed. XpertReach reserves the right to revoke users access from our Platform, who are found in violation of these guidelines at any time.


Integrity Policy For Consultants and Professionals

XpertReach offers a platform for Clients and Consultants to connect, and is designed as a curated platform for consultants. Therefore, it is critical for our platform integrity that information on Consultants experience, education and expertise, reviews, etc., is genuine, truthful and complete. XpertReach success depends on our ability for Clients to trust our Services to connect them with Consultants who are well suited for the experience and expertise required for projects. That trust is built on the quality of our Consultants Network. This integrity policy outlines the requirements from Consultants who register on our Platform, for their continued use and access to our Platform and Services:

  • Location: Businesses can post projects requiring local service providers or consultants. All consultants are required to have a Business Address and Google Map listing for their business. In case a business has more than one location or branch, it may set up additional profiles with a local representative. Businesses can also set up “Regional” or “Any Area” service capabilities on their Profile. Users must not misrepresent to claim a local service address for a Project.

  • Services Provided or Services Catalogue: Businesses can post project requirements for functional expertise [for example, Strategy & Planning, Business Unit Strategy; or IT & Digital, IT applications assessment; or Mergers & Acquisition, Due Diligence support]. Consultants can set up their Services Catalogue detailing which functional areas and industry expertise is offered. XpertReach empanelment teams will verify your services provided as detailed on your website and external links such as LinkedIn, and your experience and credentials provided in your profile, and, may request additional information if necessary to verify your work experience and/or consulting experience. XpertReach may at its discretion remove Service Areas from a Consultants Service Catalogue, if experience and expertise cannot be verified.

  • Industry Verticals Served: Clients may require specific industry experience and expertise for projects and roles posted [for example, Financial Services, Insurance, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Real estate, Hospitality, etc.]. Consultants shall add Industry verticals served for each functional area of expertise in their Service Catalogue and Profile. XpertReach empanelment team will verify your vertical expertise as detailed on experience, CV, LinkedIn profile, and your website, and, may request additional information if necessary to verify your work experience and/or consulting experience. XpertReach may at its discretion remove Service Areas from a Consultants Service Catalogue, if experience and expertise cannot be verified.

  • Profile Completion: XpertReach algorithm and engagement team uses your profile and expertise details to match you to Client projects or roles; and to highlight to Clients the matched consultants that best suit their project requirements. Consultants XpertReach profile showcases your expertise and experience. Consultants must keep their profile updated so that it remains relevant and matched to project opportunities. Consultant profiles must not include details that allow Clients to contact them outside of the Platform, and promotional / marketing materials should not be used in the profile information. Any content that violates these Guidelines and the Terms of Service and Client Services Agreement will be removed.

  • Feedback and Review: Any review and feedback posted on the XpertReach platform is critical to our Platform success. We value genuine reviews. False reviews affect not just the Consultant who has received the review but the Platform integrity. In case you are or become aware of any fake reviews, please write to us at services@xpertreach.io