XpertReach Brand Guidelines

For use of the XpertReach brand in any communications  

XpertReach Logo:

The XpertReach brand includes the XpertReach name, logo, graphics, colours, etc. When using the XpertReach brand for marketing purposes or creating XpertReach content, please follow these Guidelines

Use only the attached Logo files for email use:

Use only the attached Logo files for digital and print use:

Alternative square XpertReach logo for presentations and online use

XpertReach - the Talent Platform

Reverse Logo in orange – for use on dark backgrounds


For an .ai or high resolution copy of the Logo, please contact our Marketing team: marketing@xpertreach.io

Do’s and Don’ts of using the XpertReach Logo:

  Use only the attached Logo file for digital, print and email use
X  Do not alter, modify or manipulate the Logo in any way
X  Do not change the Colours of the Logo
X  Do not use the Logo on any purpose unrelated to, or not authorised by, XpertReach


XpertReach Brand Colours

XpertReach uses the following colours:

Buttons & Website Colour. Dark Blue #2B73B3

Logo Colour. Orange #F8971B

Logo and Meta Colour. Dark Blue. #042E3A

Headings and Buttons. Light Blue. #4DB3E9

Background and Buttons. Light Grey. #E7E7E7

Website. Dark Grey. #9F9F9F

Text. Black. #000000

Text. White. #FFFFFF


XpertReach uses the following fonts:

Headings Font: Arial

Primary Font: Arial

Secondary Font: Sans Serif

XpertReach Name

In Text / Content XpertReach name is used with the Capitalisations as XpertReach – with X and R capitalised. The name must always be used with these two letters capitalised


Usage Policy:

  • Always use the XpertReach name in text / content with capitalisation as above XpertReach
  • Always use the XpertReach name with the correct spellings
  • Do not mis-spell or use different Capitalisations with the XpertReach name

Approvals and Queries

Use of the XpertReach logo on any unauthorised site or materials is prohibited without prior written approval


Registered Users: to feature the XpertReach logo on your Website or Marketing materials, please contact us for approval at: services@xpertreach.io


Media: to use the XpertReach logo on any press or media materials, please contact us at: press@xpertreach.io