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Strategy & Planning Experts

Hire Strategic Advisors, Strategy Planning & Transformation Experts


Strategy and Planning Consultant

Strategy & Planning

Business Strategy, Planning, Competitive Analysis


Business transformation consultant


Business Transformation, Change Management


Market entry and expansion consultant

Market Entry and Expansion

Market analysis, Market Entry, Business Partnerships and Joint Ventures, Partner Identification, Due Diligence Support


Advisor and Mentor

Advisory Services

Strategic Advisors, Advisory Board, Independent Directors and Mentors

Sample of our freelance

Business Strategy & Planning

Service Excellence
  • 20 years
  • Past CEO and Business Head for Global ITES major
  • MBA IIM-C, Btech IIT-K 


Advisor, Coach
  • 20 years+
  • Past CEO MNC Food & Beverage companies.
  • MBA
Strategic Advisor
  • 15 years+
  • Ex Partner at Global Consulting major
Strategy, HR
  • 20 years+
  • Past CEO Global Consulting Group
  • Board member of a leading Bank
Business Development
  • 10+ years.
  • Past Business Head E-commerce and hospitality
Project Management
  • 20 years+
  • Past CEO India and CXO Media, Financial Services
  • Exec MBA IIM-I
Strategy Advisory
  • 25 years+
  • Past CEO MNC Management Consulting
  • MBA IIM-K, BE Mech
Strategic Advisor
  • 20 years+
  • CEO Fin-tech
  • MBA
Strategic Advisor
  • 20 years
  • Past CEO MNC Financial Services company
  • CA
Business Strategy
  • 15 years+
  • CEO Fin-tech
  • MBA, Exec MDP IIM-A, Btech

Vetting and Screening for the Best Talent

XpertReach Curation Process

XpertReach uses a proprietary vetting process using a mix of technology and human skill. Each application for registration as a freelancer / independent consultant with XpertReach is reviewed thoroughly using various sources as well as personal discussion. This ensures that only the best freelance talent is on our Platform.  XpertReach freelancers / independent consultants are expected to deliver a high level of service.

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