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Understanding your Consultant Dashboard

Dashboard Home

The Consultant Dashboard “Home” displays a performance highlight with a summary of “today” and “total” projects ordered

Dashboard Notifications

The “Bell” icon on the top is your Notifications area. Click to read notifications regarding open projects and events relating to proposals and projects awarded

Chat Widget

The “Chat” widget is accessible from the bottom right of your Dashboard. All your Chats are organised by thread – with XpertReach services team and with clients

Dashboard: Projects

The Projects Tab displays all the Projects for the Consultant. They are sorted in four sections: “Open Projects” are projects for which Consultant is matched to propose, but hasn’t yet,

Projects in Discussion” are Projects for which Consultant has submitted a Proposal.

Projects Finalised” displays projects where the Consultant has been awarded the Project and moved under “Contracts”

Expired Projects” are projects which are no longer available for proposals, and where the current date is past the project “end date”

Dashboard: Contracts

Assigned Contracts” are projects “awarded” to the Consultant, and subject to the Consultant’s acceptance and/or initiating work. Toggles available on the right for the Consultant: Pending (not yet accepted), Ongoing (accepted / work started) and Cancelled (rejected)

Ongoing Projects: projects accepted by the consultant and work ongoing

Completed Projects: Projects where deliverables have been submitted and the Consultant has marked as Completed

Cancelled Projects: Projects rejected by the Consultant or Cancelled by the Client

Dashboard: Categories

Categories are the service areas. Consultants have the opportunity to select those Functional Service Areas and specific areas under each service area that they have expertise and would like to be considered for projects

Dashboard: Analytics

Analytics provide information on the Consultants business performance on the Platform. “Real Time” provides the performance for the day and week, and a graphical representation of revenues / orders over a period

Orders and Revenue analysis over a longer period is also available

Dashboard: Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy allows the Consultant to establish their own policy on cancellations once project has been awarded regarding charges / refunds post project award. This overrides the Platforms default policy and must be advised / agreed specifically with Clients in the Agreement.

Dashboard: Account

Consultant Profile Info including Name, Contact details, Logo etc.

Additional Details including detailed profile and experience, KYC data etc. Consultant can edit and keep updated