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Consultants Guide on Submitting a Proposal and Finalising Contract

Set up Profile with Services Areas and Expertise categories with care. You will be matched only to those projects which match with your service areas and expertise
When submitting the initial Proposal, provide a good summary of why the Client should consider you. Remember that the Project Form may not have full details and some clients may share full details only after signing an NDA with short-listed consultants. You should provide your pitch detailing your expertise and experience, your broad assessment of requirements, time and fees for the details provided. Invite the Client to discuss in detail
Use Private Chat to provide further information, request for additional details, assess the Consultants suitability, and to negotiate the project scope, deliverables and Fees. Only Clients can initiate a Private Chat during Proposal Stage.
Once you receive a message from the Client, engage in a detailed discussion. Clients may require: an NDA to share any confidential information, additional details of experience and case studies / examples of previous work done, and may need further information. You can also discuss additional project requirements and negotiate the scope, deliverables and fees.
Sign an Agreement: We recommend that you sign an Agreement detailing the Scope, Deliverables and Fees for the Project. You have the right to accept or reject any Order placed by the Client. Once you confirm the Order on your Dashboard, you can raise Payment Requests as per your mutually agreed timelines or milestones
Do NOT share or ask the Client to share any personal identifiable details such as Address, Email, Phone, Skype or other instant messaging IDs, or other details. Keep in mind the Platform rules and community guidelines. Violation of terms and guidelines can result in immediate suspension of the account. To sign an Agreement, you can share only the Business Registration No., Registration details and your Tax ID.

How to Submit a Proposal and Finalise an Order on XpertReach

Consultants matched to a posted project will be notified of the opportunity and invited to submit a Proposal. View Project on Dashboard under “Open Projects

Consultants can submit an initial proposal by clicking on the “Proposal” button. The initial proposal should provide a good summary of expertise and approach and receive further details on requirements.

Consultants can access Projects in Discussion from their Dashboard. Respond to Customer queries on the Chat Widget. All Client-Consultant chat is private and stored against the project for future reference.

Client and Consultant can negotiate over Private Chat and agree on the scope, deliverables and fees. Read Client and Consultant Private Chat as a guide on using the Chat functionality

Scope, deliverables and fees should be recorded on the Platform. Chat details are stored for future reference. A signed agreement is recommended and can be attached

When Client “Awards” a Project to the Consultant, they will receive a Notification. Consultant can access the Projects via “Assigned Project Orders“, under Projects in their Dashboard. To accept the Order, change from “Pending” to “Ongoing”

Once Consultant has accepted the Order, they can raise Payment Requests as per agreement with client.

Consultant should also attach details of deliverables / milestones or time spent (as per agreement)

Consultant must provide a Tax Invoice for the Fees charged within the agreed period. Note: For Tax Invoice format including Platform Fees, contact Platform Services

Consultant should provide updates on the project on agreed timelines.