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Clients Guide on Posting a Project and Finalising Contract

Select Project Services Areas and Expertise categories requirement with care. Only Consultants that match these service areas and have required expertise will be invited to make a proposal for the project
Provide a reasonable level of detail. Whilst there may be confidentiality issues and you may wish to share full details only with short-listed consultants, you should provide a reasonable level of detail to ensure that you attract the right level of expertise, and that Consultants have a good understanding of the broad scope and expertise that you require
Select the relevant options. The project form enables you to specify whether you need one or more than one consultant. You can also specify if you need additional support from a Project Manager for the project. You can further specify if you would like a “managed team” i.e. a Platform Consulting firm to provide a team that they will manage for the project delivery.
Login to Check your Dashboard regularly for Proposals received. You will also receive Notifications from the Platform via Online Notifications, Emails and SMS’s
Use Private Chat to provide further information, request for additional details, assess the Consultants suitability, and to negotiate the project scope, deliverables and Fees. Only Clients can initiate a Private Chat during Proposal Stage. Once a Project is awarded, Consultant can also invite Client to Chat.
Sign an Agreement: We recommend that you sign an Agreement detailing the Scope, Deliverables and Fees for the Project. The Consultant has the right to accept or reject the Order. Once the Order is confirmed, the Consultant can raise Payment Requests as per your mutually agreed basis
Do NOT share or ask Consultant to share any personal identifiable details such as Address, Email, Phone, Skype or other instant messaging IDs, or other details. Keep in mind the Platform rules and community guidelines. Violation of terms and guidelines can result in immediate suspension of the account. To sign an Agreement, you can share only the Business Registration No., Registration details and your Tax ID.Label #7

How to Post a Project and Finalise an Order on XpertReach

Post a Project Home

To start posting a project, from Client homepage, click on the functional category you required expertise e.g. Digital

sub category functional expertise

Next, drill down further and select which specific area of expertise is required e.g. within Digital – Cybersecurity

project form

Complete the Project Form, detailing the estimated budget (if any), fee preference, location, start and end date, project description, expertise level, skills and other requirements

If you need a Project Manager, or a Managed Team, tick the relevant checkboxes

Once the project has been posted, it is live to receive proposals from Consultants. Our account services team will verify the project requirements for the matching process

For Clients: View Project on Dashboard under “Projects”

proposals received

Client will receive a notification of Proposals submitted. Proposals can be viewed from Client Dashboard – Projects, by selecting the Project and clicking “View bids

Clients can select Consultants with whom they would like to engage further.

Client and Consultant can negotiate over Private Chat and agree on the scope, deliverables and fees. Read Client and Consultant Private Chat as a guide on using the Chat functionality

Scope, deliverables and fees should be recorded on the Platform. Chat details are stored for future reference. A signed agreement is recommended and can be attached

Once Client and Consultant have agreed on the scope, deliverables and fees and exchanged any documents required, Client can “Award” the project to the selected Consultant

Client: When awarding a Project, Client can wait for Consultant to accept the Project and raise a Payment Request. Click “Pay Later” and click on “Pay”; or pay an initial amount immediately

Client: When Consultant raises a Payment Request again milestone delivery, a Notification will be sent to the Client. Client can make the Payment via Card, NetBanking, UPI and other modes

Receive updates on the project and track progress on the platform